Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday 20th Feb 2011

Thought you may like to see some of the cards I've made in the recent past. These are the ones that I've kept as 'quick' cards. The others I gave away or sold, I didn't take photos of, but in future i will, to remind me of what they looked like. If you want to know what inks, colours, stamps punches, tools etc I've used, just ask. I've no problems sharing anything.

This card was inspired by the marvellous work of Jo Capper-Sandon. She's a designer and talented artist. Just go and have a look at her work. As a beekeeper, I just had to have the bee stamps. They'll probably feature on lots of my cards through the spring and summer months. You'll find a link to her work at The Stamp Attic website, on the right.        


This card was modified from a design by Kim Dellow for Papercraft Essentials Issue 64. I was just about to throw away an old A -Z road map, when I saw this design, so I've now got the atlas in my craft room stash. The moral is, never throw anything away!

About 6 months ago I decided to go mechanical and buy a die cutting machine. You can spend a fortune on these. So after a long time of looking at all the options, I chose a Cuttlebug. The reason, it was cheaper than most and all the cutting dies go through this machine. Then, of course you spend a fortune of all the embossing folders and dies. The card on the right has the Cuttlebug devine swirls and Tim Holtz inks.

These last two were left over from Christmas. I used the free papers from one of the many magazines around December 2010.

That's all for the time being. I've got a box full, but I thought I'd show you just a few. When I look back over my work, it's 'developed' so much. Who knows what it may look like in the next 6 months!


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  1. Fab work! I love what you have done with the heart punch design, glad you enjoyed the article. I've got a shout out for you on my blog today. Have a great Sunday. Kim